Join the digital market for customers in your region now!

With increasing digitalization in today’s market and with the number of companies, industries and business sectors growing rapidly, it is getting harder and harder to maintain an overview of the regional marketplace these days. There are endless different ways to get in contact with businesses, which confuses and overwhelms the user and leaves the companies with a lot of admin to deal with.

Because financial issues are an important focus for any company, the key question to ask when looking to adopt new digital programs and functions is: what is the future of this technology, and how much will it cost? With our app VENDO, small and medium-sized companies can now access digital development without having to make a large investment and, what’s more, can do it simply, with just one point of contact. Thus, VENDO helps companies jump on the bandwagon of digitalization and to get the most out of it by using our app.

Use VENDO to make your company easy to find in our business directory, to give your customers and partners detailed information all about it and make your own services and concepts clear to the user. This will also be an opportunity to raise your company profile even further and ensure it holds its own against the competition.

Ensuring your company’s future has always been about keeping up with developments in the market and focusing on how you present your company to the wider world. Our advanced app VENDO is therefore in a perfect position to help you achieve personal success.

We also offer the following additional digital functions:

  • Company presentation
  • Flyer
  • different types of ads
  • Advertising Videos
  • Events/Promotions
  • Infos
  • Menus

You can also set up digital discount vouchers that can be redeemed through the app, as well as online ordering and delivery via VENDO. Keeping an active online presence and providing new and digital offers for customers are important keys to success.

To make sure your company is fully represented as a digital regional player and to join the digital market today, please get in touch using our company contact form.