Our mission is: “Experience and enjoy local shops!”

In today’s digitized world,
we have recognized the importance of strengthening the connection between businesses and customers in the region. This is exactly where we come in: With our innovative industry, discount and sales app, we bring business people like you and your high-quality offers directly together with the local target group.
Completely uncomplicated.

What makes My VENDO so special?

  • Regional focus: We consciously focus on local businesses and service providers. For you as a business customer, this means that you can target your offers to people in your region.
  • Tailored Marketing Opportunities: We give you the flexibility to customize and promote your offerings without limit. Increase sales and customer loyalty.
  • Strengthening the community: My VENDO not only promotes trade, but also the feeling of belonging in your region. Together with other local businesses, you help create a thriving local economy.
  • Easy to use: Our app is designed to be user-friendly and allows you to set offers quickly and easily. Do you need help with the layout? No problem! We would be happy to help you with this.

Take your chance now and become part of the My VENDO community! Together we create a win-win situation: You benefit from increased visibility and increased demand, while your customers benefit from exclusive offers and a special shopping experience.

We would be happy to explain further details in a personal conversation and address your needs individually. Let’s strengthen the local economy together and create unique shopping experiences!

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